Osage Elegy

Lynx House Press, 2021 forthcoming

“This sequence of 30 fierce, lovely poems is set in the 1940s and ’50s at the edge of Greater Appalachia, in west-central Missouri, a world at once exotic and familiar. The poems provide a border state setting for folkways that arrived ― two centuries before, in the 1700s ― from that much older Border Country, the northern counties of England, the Scottish lowlands, and what would become Northern Ireland.”
― Philip Garrison, from the introduction

Wrestling the Mistral

Salmon Poetry, 2022 forthcoming

“The poems in Carlos Reyes’ twelfth book, Wrestling the Mistral, are situated in France Paris, Arles, Marnay and Reyes is an observant, sympathetic traveler who inhabits the landscape with a radiant equanimity. This is the work of an accomplished artist whose language and curiosity illuminate the present moment and connect it to the elusive past. In his exploration of borders, empathy, and history, and in his engagement with mortality, including his own, Reyes encounters the world with rare wonder.”
Michele Glazer

“Written mainly during extended residences in France, the poems in Wrestling the Mistral are those not of a tourist or a pilgrim, but of a resident on earth with an open eye and open heart. Carlos Reyes encounters strangers, birds, boats, caves, ancient ruins, temples, and nuclear power plants with precision and compassion. Missouri-born, Oregon-raised, sometime tenant of an Irish cottage, Carlos Reyes here quietly makes his claim to be counted among the world writers like Vallejo and Gabriela and Frederic Mistral, who wander unassumingly through his poems. Old fans: this is Carlos Reyes’s best writing since The Book of Shadows: New and Selected Poems (2009) or the stories of The Keys to the Cottage (2015). Old and new alike: you will find it bracing to wrestle with this Mistral.”
Marty Cohen

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